Individual Tax Preparation

Tax Planning

We provide year around tax planning and can assist you in handling every tax transaction to your benefit. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) now assesses penalties for underpayment of taxes, and may penalize you for not prepaying tax on transactions such as stock and mutual fund sales. Good tax planning makes you safe, not sorry. Call 304-645-4428 or e-mail for free consultation.

Financial Services

At JE Lewis, we help you prepare for future expenses and major life changes with retirement planning, and estate planning.

We can assist you in selecting the best options by reviewing your present situation, and evaluating your goals. We will fully explain all options and tax implications to help you maximize your wealth. Call 304-645-4428 or e-mail for free consultation.

Tax Preparation

Correctly prepared tax returns play an important role in both tax and financial services. The more of your money you keep, the more you have to invest. What you save in taxes by having returns done right will normally cover the cost.

We provide individual tax preparation starting at $50.00. The fee is based on the forms we file, and the amount of information needed to complete them. We will quote every return at your request. Call 304-645-4428 or for free consultation.

  • Jeff and Justin Lewis look over some tax documents for a client.

    Accountant Jeff Lewis and Justin Lewis

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