CFO Services

Business Consulting

  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Accounting Software Integration, Installation, and Training
  • Employee Health and Benefit Strategies

Your company makes its best decisions when you have timely and important information at your fingertips. JE Lewis can help integrate accounting, spreadsheet and job costing software to provide you with the tools to evaluate and improve business efficiency.

We can recommend software, install it, and train your staff. If you already have a suitable package, we can work with your employees to ensure correct usage. This means more money for the bottom line and stronger growth for your business.

Would you like to give your employees benefits without additional employer taxes? Would you like a tax deduction thrown in too? We specialize in the selection and administration of employee benefit plans that can lower your tax burden.

Our 401K plans and selection of cafeteria plans can lower your payroll taxes, federal, FICA, Medicare, and state tax. We can help you select the best health insurance plan, one that will save you money.

Tax Planning

  • Tax Compliance
  • Strategies for Tax Minimization
  • Quarterly and Year-End Reporting

We can provide our clients with all the information needed to be compliant with taxing authorities. JE Lewis keeps current rates and forms for employee, corporate, state and federal taxes. Link to Forms??

JE Lewis has strategies for keeping taxes paid to a minimum. We regularly review all tax rates and can offer solutions for worker’s compensation, state unemployment, federal unemployment, federal corporate, and payroll taxes.

We offer quarterly reporting and year-end tax preparation for all business entities (Corporations, Partnerships, and S Corporations).


  • Some or All Functions
  • Electronic Document Reviewing

Our firm can provide all accounting functions; including customer invoicing, paying vendors, payroll processing, job costing, and inventory. For those businesses doing in-house functions, JE Lewis can review your information electronically on a quarterly or yearly basis for taxes.

We use two different accounting software packages that offer good solutions for small businesses (Peachtree and Quickbooks). Both can be tailored to suit your business needs. When you are ready to do your own accounting work on your computer, we would be happy to install software and train your staff.


  • Some or All Functions
  • Complete Reporting and Electronic Processing

JE Lewis offers complete payroll processing, including calculation, direct deposit into employee accounts, and electronically sweeping employer’s accounts for payroll and taxes when due. Naturally, we provide timely information for quarterly tax reporting.


We bill some jobs on an hourly basis. Other services are best handled with a contract arrangement. Call 304-645-4428 or email for free consultation and rate quote.

  • Jeff and Justin Lewis look over some tax documents for a client.

    Accountant Jeff Lewis and Justin Lewis

  • Quickbooks Certified

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